1.17 is out!


PPSSPP 1.17 - release announcement and progress report

PPSSPP 1.17 is now out! Get it on the download page! If you're on Android and already have it installed from Google Play, your update will arrive within a week (to catch crashes early).

For fine details, see the news item.

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Beta program

For the first time, you can now sign up to receive beta versions automatically. This is easier and safer than installing APKs from the buildbot, and you make a valuable contribution to development. See details here.

CHD support

CHD was originally a format for compressing hard drives from arcade games in MAME, but has since became the most popular format for storing ISOs for CD- and DVD-based video game consoles. PSP already has a different format, CSO, which can be used to similarly loss-lessly compress ISOs, and as a bonus, unlike CHD, these actually work on the real hardware.

So you might ask, why support CHD? It does provide a slightly better compression ratio, but the main reason is that it's simply been requested a lot. Many people seem to familiarize themselves with a set of tools, and since CHD works to compress ISOs for most other systems, people just want to stick with it. So now we support it.

IMPORTANT! You MUST use the createdvd command from recent versions of chdman to generate your CHDs. createcd will work but there will be severe performance problems. See issue #18798.

Example command line:

chdman createdvd -i "Grand Theft Auto - Vice City Stories.ISO" -o GTA_VCS_dvd.chd

Important fixes in 1.17

  • Several serious hangs and crashes that could happen when switching away from the app, especially from the pause screen, have been fixed.
  • Multiple rendering issues have been fixed, and rendering performance has been further optimized.
  • PPSSPP now tracks total time played per game, you can check it in the info screen for each game (long press the icon).
  • Some new UI features, like the ability to keep the game running behind the pause menu overlay.
  • Many input fixes, especially around deadzone handling for both analog stick and tilt control.
  • Many bugfixes around texture replacement.
  • Input latency has been greatly improved on the SDL build with Vulkan. Don't use OpenGL on Linux if you can avoid it.
  • For RetroAchievements, renamed the Challenge mode to Hardcore mode and made it the default, as is standard.

For a more detailed changelog, see the release notes.