PPSSPP back in the Play Store!


Back in the Play Store!

The appeal against the suspension was successful, as expected. We're back!

PPSSPP temporarily gone from Play Store


PPSSPP temporarily gone from Play Store, OpenGL threading success

PPSSPP (not PPSSPP Gold, for some reason) was suspended by Google from the Play Store for unclear reasons. I am appealing the decision. In the meantime, you can download the APK and install it manually.

In other news, the new OpenGL threading code is turning out to be very fast, nearly reaching Vulkan speeds in some cases. So if games are running slow on your device, and it has more than one core - stay tuned for 1.6! It will still be a while though before the code is fully stable, but it's already showing lots of promise.

Note for iOS jailbreak users


Note for iOS jailbreak users - don't upgrade to iOS 9.0+

Do not upgrade to iOS 9.0+ if you want to keep running PPSSPP short term, stay on 8.4 or earlier. The new jailbreak seems a bit unstable as well.

PPSSPP is not officially supported on iOS like Windows and Android, but we try to keep it working anyway - 9.0 is tricky though, at least if you want to use the JIT. There will probably be a solution but probably not soon.

0.9.7 is coming soon


The next release, 0.9.7, will have a bunch of fixes that many of you have been waiting for - for example, the Yu Gi Oh games no longer hang when you attempt to move. Also, you will be able to play in portrait mode on Android, and more. Stay tuned for the release, which if all goes well will happen in a week or so.

Plans for the next release - it's time for speed!


Think PPSSPP is already fast on your PC? Or is it running a little slow in your mobile device?

Just wait until the next release. We are currently focusing hard on performance and have already made some really good improvements, for example FF:CC wasn't really playable on Nexus 4 but on current development builds it's pretty smooth! And GTA runs fullspeed on nVidia Shield with only a frameskip of 1.

Obviously this doesn't mean that a Galaxy Y will suddenly play God of War, but whatever device you have, there will be improvement.

Stay tuned!

0.9.5 coming soon!


On November 1, it's the 1 year anniversary of the PPSSPP project. You will all get to celebrate it by playing PPSSPP 0.9.5!

0.9 status update


August 18, 2013: 2-3 days left to 0.9

It's taken a bit longer than calculated but I'm estimating a release date of August 20 or 21. Some last minute issues to fix but it's soon ready for release! Full nVidia Shield support, an Ouya release will follow a little bit later. See below for more about 0.9.

August 3, 2013: 0.9 status update

0.9 will arrive in mid-August (in about two weeks), with full automap support for nVidia Shield controls. Will also try to get the Ouya version out slightly after, also with automatically mapped gamepad controls. Shield runs PPSSPP quite well, many games reach full speed and are extremely playable with the excellent hardware controls. Of course, all other Android devices with gamepads will work too, in some cases you might have to tweak the button mapping manually though.

Also, I've done quite a bit of work on the JITs for 0.9, so expect a modest to large speed boost too on all platforms, especially ARM-based ones - plus some additional compatibility.

Yes, 0.8 is coming soon


It's been far too long since the last version but we've made an insane amount of progress. The huge addition of video and audio playback has taken a while and destabilized the emu, but it's really starting to shape up now, so the official version 0.8 will be released within the next two weeks. You won't be disappointed, look forward to games like Crisis Core being pretty much fully playable. Thanks for your patience and support!

iOS builds available on Cydia


iOS builds available on Cydia

A couple of volunteers, angelXwind and the_avenger, have started to post iOS builds regularly, and basic Mac builds (better UI is coming). Check out the iOS and Mac sections of the downloads page.

Development continues


I'm not gonna give a date for 0.7, but just thought that I'd give an update. You can look forward to seeing increased compatibility, for example Exit and its sequel now work, and Wipeout now runs at the correct speed, and the emulator will run a bit faster in general as usual. Expect PPSSPP to keep getting faster over time for quite a while longer!

I said previously that 0.7 would have multithreading but I don't think it's worth the trouble yet, there are many easier things to speed up and improve first, so that will happen later. You will still get a noticable speed boost, even if it won't use all your cores.

Development builds, small progress report


I have collaborated with Orphis to bring you development builds directly on the Downloads page. In other news, things are progressing and even more games are starting to work, including the games I promised for 0.5 but didn't make it to the main branch (FF7CC, FF Type 0). ARMJIT is working on a few Androids but crashing on most, so there's still lots of work to be done before 0.6.

Not quite there yet, but 0.5 is coming


PPSSPP is making very, very fast progress, new games are starting up daily but currently things are a bit unstable, many games that have worked have broken again. So, I'm planning to allow for a couple of more weeks of breakneck development and then a few days of stabilization before releasing a 0.5. If you're really impatient, you can build your own but it's quite shaky at the moment. But believe me, 0.5 will be worth the wait. Some things to look forward to:

  • Some major games like Final Fantasy Crisis Core and Type-0, Armored Core 3 and Mortal Kombat: Unchained start and * will be at least partly playable
  • Many more smaller games start and will be playable
  • 3D graphics gets a large speed boost and several major fixes
  • Audio much improved, not perfect, but for example, Lumines plays and sounds great!

If you're impatient, you can check out some cool screenshots in this thread and elsewhere on the forum. Note that good-looking graphics doesn't mean it's fully playable, but it's always a step forward.

So stay tuned for 0.5 in January, and then later for 0.6 for which I have planned the really big speed boost which will take a lot of work - an ARM JIT - and then possibly multithreading in 0.7. Until then, merry christmas/channukah/festivus/holidays and a happy new year from the quickly growing PPSSPP team!

Progress and Blackberry port


Some progress has been made, PPSSPP can now decrypt games, a few more games reach the title screen etc. There's no new APK release yet. However the big news is that PPSSPP has been successfully ported to Blackberry 10 by xsacha, here's a a video of PPSSPP running on a Dev Alpha device. It can be downloaded on the downloads page.

PPSSPP has been open sourced!


And ppsspp.org has been launched!

Discuss this new emulator in the brand new PPSSPP forums! (check your spam folder for the confirmation mail when you register)