Porting PPSSPP

It's great to see PPSSPP ported to new platforms, feel free to give it a go.

One of the next interesting main porting-related tasks will be to implement a JIT compiler for RISC-V processors, as they are expected to become popular in devices in the relatively near future.


Here's an incomplete list of platforms that PPSSPP could or could not be ported to (last updated 2024):

Platform State Comments
Windows Done
Android Done
Linux Done
macOS Done Limited native UI
iOS Done JIT works sometimes. Not allowed in Apple Store. Unmaintained
Nintendo Switch Done by m4xw!
Raspberry Pi Done R4+ recommended
Windows UWP/Xbox One/WinPhone10 Done Windows Phone support is discontinued

These platforms were supported once, but aren't anymore due to lack of maintainer interest:

Platform State Comments
Blackberry 10 Worked JIT for ARM
Symbian Worked JIT for ARM
Pandora Worked
DragonBox Pyra Worked
Meego Worked
Wii U Proof-of-concept
Xbox 360 Proof-of-concept Hacked consoles only

These are ports that never happened or are deemed impossible:

Platform State Comments
Playstation 3 Barely possible Hacked consoles only. Unlikely to happen
Windows Phone 7.x NOT POSSIBLE No native code support
Windows Phone 8 NOT POSSIBLE JIT not allowed, would be way too slow
Xbox Original NOT POSSIBLE Not enough RAM. Weak CPU?
Playstation 2 NOT POSSIBLE Not enough RAM, weak CPU.
Gamecube NOT POSSIBLE Not enough RAM, weak CPU.
Dreamcast NOT POSSIBLE Not enough RAM, weak CPU.