Release News

PPSSPP for iOS 1.17.3 is out!PPSSPP for iOS is back!PPSSPP for iOS 1.17.2, iOS review still stalledPPSSPP temporarily down from App Store, back soon hopefullyUpcoming iOS features and fixesPPSSPP is live on the App Store!About the Apple announcement (update 4)The VR builds are separate againPPSSPP has a new buildbot, and Android builds now include VRPPSSPP 1.17 is out!Android Beta program now open, site update!PPSSPP 1.16 is out!PPSSPP 1.15.4 is here!PPSSPP 1.14 has arrived!PPSSPP 1.13 is here!PPSSPP 1.12 is out!PPSSPP 1.11 is here!PPSSPP 1.10 is out!PPSSPP 1.9 is here!PPSSPP 1.8 - bugfixes and more!PPSSPP 1.7 - stability and bugfixes!PPSSPP 1.6 - the fast one!PPSSPP back in the Play Store!PPSSPP temporarily gone from Play StorePPSSPP 1.5 - Vulkan is here!PPSSPP 1.4.2 - more fixesPPSSPP 1.4 has arrived!PPSSPP 1.3 is here!PPSSPP 1.2 is out!Note for iOS jailbreak usersPPSSPP 1.1!PPSSPP 1.0.1 is out!1.0!PPSSPP 0.9.9 is here!PPSSPP 0.9.8 - Xperia fix and more!PPSSPP 0.9.7 is out!0.9.7 is coming soonPPSSPP 0.9.6 is here!Plans for the next release - it's time for speed!PPSSPP 0.9.5 released!0.9.5 coming soon!PPSSPP 0.9 is finally out!0.9 status updatePPSSPP Gold for Windows and plans for 0.9PPSSPP 0.8 is finally out!Yes, 0.8 is coming soonPPSSPP 0.7.6!PPSSPP 0.7.5 is out!iOS builds available on CydiaPPSSPP 0.7 is here!Development continuesPPSSPP 0.6 - faster and better!Development builds, small progress reportPPSSPP 0.5Not quite there yet, but 0.5 is comingPPSSPP 0.4PPSSPP 0.31PPSSPP 0.2 - faster and better!Progress and Blackberry portPPSSPP has been open sourced!

Android Beta program now open, site update!


Beta program

Android has a convenient way for people to opt-in to receive beta releases of apps. I'm finally making use of it, and already lots of people have signed up. Thanks to people installing the beta app, I get crash and hang reports that I can use to make the next release more stable than ever.

Join the Android PPSSPP Beta program!

New website

In other news, I've ripped out Docusaurus and React from the website and rebuilt the whole thing from scratch. I kept getting reports that the site was loading poorly on various devices, and integrations like Analytics had issues with it - plus, every time I wanted to make a change I had to re-learn a lot of stuff.

For long lived projects with small maintenance budgets, simplicity is key. I seem to have to re-learn this concept over and over...

So now, the site is statically generated HTML, all produced with a simple Rust program that stitches together the pages from markdown, Handlebars templates and raw CSS and Javascript. It's easier to manage, easier to change and easier to debug - plus, deploys in 3 seconds instead of 30. Win-win!

This time, I kept most of the visual design (but had to re-implement it, of course), and could re-use the work I previously did to merge the old "PPSSPP Central" with the main site. All the content is the same, too.

1.17 coming soon

Yes, version 1.17 is indeed coming soon, with many fixes and improvements - stay tuned.