0.9 status update


August 18, 2013: 2-3 days left to 0.9

It's taken a bit longer than calculated but I'm estimating a release date of August 20 or 21. Some last minute issues to fix but it's soon ready for release! Full nVidia Shield support, an Ouya release will follow a little bit later. See below for more about 0.9.

August 3, 2013: 0.9 status update

0.9 will arrive in mid-August (in about two weeks), with full automap support for nVidia Shield controls. Will also try to get the Ouya version out slightly after, also with automatically mapped gamepad controls. Shield runs PPSSPP quite well, many games reach full speed and are extremely playable with the excellent hardware controls. Of course, all other Android devices with gamepads will work too, in some cases you might have to tweak the button mapping manually though.

Also, I've done quite a bit of work on the JITs for 0.9, so expect a modest to large speed boost too on all platforms, especially ARM-based ones - plus some additional compatibility.