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PPSSPP for iOS 1.17.2, iOS review still stalled


PPSSPP for iOS 1.17.2

PPSSPP for iOS 1.17.2, both regular and Gold, have been sent for review. The Gold version has passed and will roll out today. For the free version status, see below.

  • Metal/Vulkan-based rendering through MoltenVK, for better performance
  • Much improved UI text rendering
  • Many bug and crash fixes
  • Support for RetroAchievements and nickname change (soft keyboard support)
  • Swipe from left edge to go back

PPSSPP free version stalled in App Store review

This is the status of my apps in the App Store as I'm writing this, just before triggering the rollout of 1.17.2:

Picture of App Connect, showing the free version taken down

I'm trying everything to get the free version up again:

  • I've responded to the complaint and taken down most things from the homebrew store
  • I've requested an expedited review
  • I've sent a new version for review

But nothing seems to work, it's been four days since the takedown now.

If anyone knows what else I can do, email me at [email protected].

Below you can find Apple's complaint (which, if accurate, would also apply to the Gold version, since it had the same contents in the homebrew store). Note that despite the complaint giving a 14-day deadline, the app was taken down immediately, which is odd. Additionally, in my opinion the complaint is incorrect because I don't believe anything previously on the homebrew store actually did infringe upon copyright.


We are writing to let you know about new information regarding the latest approved version of your app, PPSSPP - PSP emulator, which could impact its availability on the App Store.

Upon re-evaluation, we found that your app is not in compliance with the App Review Guidelines. Specifically, we found your app is in violation of the following:

Guideline 5.2.2 - Legal

The app appears to contain copyrighted video game files, located in the Homebrew Store.

Apps and their content should not infringe upon the rights of another party. In the event an app infringes another party’s rights, the app's developers are responsible for any liability to Apple because of a claim.

Next Steps

Either remove the copyrighted third-party content from the app and its metadata or provide a written affirmation that you have the appropriate rights or license to use and distribute the third-party copyrighted materials.


Learn more about intellectual property requirements in guideline 5.2.2.

To ensure there is no interruption of the availability of your app on the App Store, please submit an update within 14 days of the date of this message. If we do not receive an update compliant with the App Review Guidelines within 14 days, your app will be removed from sale.
Please note, if your app is found to be out of compliance for any reason and rejected after the time period provided has elapsed, your app will be removed from sale until a compliant update is submitted, approved and released to the App Store.

If you have any questions about this information, please reply to this message to let us know.

Best regards,

App Review

An App Review specialist reviewed the app and determined it is not in compliance with App Store Review Guideline 5.2.2 because it used, accessed, monetized access to, or displayed content from a third-party service without proof of authorization or permission to do so.

The App Review specialist may have used automation as part of the review process.

Your app is being removed from the App Store.